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“Access Access” Series: Videos and Resources

October 31, 2023

This page has materials from an event series called “Access Access.” This series was organized by an artist and activist named Kevin Gotkin. The events took place on Zoom in the summer of 2023. Kevin recorded the events and created some resources about each one.

Time-shifting” is when someone takes part in an event on their own schedule. Time-shifting is great because it helps get more information to more people. We hope you can time-shift with the resources below.

The resources are about accessibility. Here are two ways we talked about “accessibility”:

  • We looked at how to build and grow accessibility. We call this “access design.” Organizations that want to do more accessible work need to learn how to do access design.
  • We also looked at how accessibility can be used to make art. This includes how disabled artists make art. We call this “disability artistry” or “disability aesthetics.”

The title of this series, “Access Access,” means a few things. It means making information about accessibility more accessible. It also sounds like a chant. We could all say “Access! Access!” when we need to pay more attention to accessibility. 

Access Access could also mean that “access” is a topic we talk about. But at the same time, “access” is something we do together so that we have what we need.

More event materials and resources


More event materials and resources


More event materials and resources


More event materials and resources


A lot of people helped to make this series happen:

Linguistic Justice Coordinator & Spanish Language Interpreter Irene Gotera
Access Doula A. Sef
Audio Decriber Madison Zalopany
Deaf ASL Interpreters Sarah Hafer
Leang Ngov
Angela Vilavong
Hearing ASL Interpreters Crescenciano Garcia
Holly Jackson
Nicole Pancino
Tisha Riley
Eli Tabb
Captioners Jane Arao
Katelynn Mory
Graphic Notation Artist Jezz Chung
Guest Speakers Reid Caplan
Taraneh Fazeli
Jerron Herman
Sean Lee
Emily Watlington

If you have questions or would like more information, you can email Kevin Gotkin at

This post is written in plain language. To learn more about how Creatives Rebuild New York uses plain language, check out this resource.