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Creatives Rebuild New York Applauds Writers Guild of America for Economic Justice and Worker Organizing Wins

September 28, 2023
By Sarah Calderon

On September 27th, the Writers Guild of America ended the writers’ strike following an agreement with the American Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.


New York, NY – Regarding the end of negotiations between the Writers Guild of America and the American Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers, Creatives Rebuild New York’s Executive Director Sarah Calderon issued the following statement: 

“Today, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) struck a deal after an historic 148-day strike. This agreement was made possible by the tireless activism of artists nationwide advocating for the rights and compensation they deserve as workers.

“Through our Guaranteed Income for Artists and Artist Employment Programs, we are proud to work with over 2,700 artists across New York State, some of whom are members of the WGA. One trend has shone through during conversations with these program participants: artists in New York City and State are living on the shredded edge of economic precarity. With transformational policies such as unrestricted cash and a jobs guarantee, artists will be able to live a life of respect, dignity, and economic security. 

“Writers won pay increases, better worker conditions, and healthcare and pension benefits, a deal that takes great steps to ensure writers are compensated for the hours and hours of labor it takes to produce the TV shows, the movies that provide us with both solace and inspiration. Artists are essential to both our communities and our economy, and we need more changes like this so that they can support themselves as they help us enjoy and understand the world around us. 

“We are so proud of and thankful for the WGA artists who stood up and demanded better working conditions for themselves and for their peers. We are gratified by the support they received from other union members, the American public, and artist workers everywhere. We at Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) will take lessons from this strike as we continue our work to support artists of all kinds living in economic precarity across New York State.”