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Direct Cash to Artists in Need

November 17, 2022

Creatives Rebuild New York is excited to announce that it has begun distribution of monthly payments to 2,400 artists, culture bearers, and culture makers across New York State. A total of $43.2M will be distributed to artist participants in $1,000 monthly, no-strings-attached installments for 18 consecutive months. CRNY’s Guaranteed Income for Artists is the largest statewide guaranteed income program in the United States. 

Though widely acknowledged as key drivers of the social and economic health of New York State – contributing over $126 billion to the state’s economy in 2020 alone – artists are often severely under-resourced, relying on sparse and competitive grants, fellowships, and residencies to support their practice.  

The COVID-19 pandemic further exposed the uncertainty of making a living as an artist: in 2020, New York State lost 50 percent of its performing arts jobs, and in New York City, the figure is 72 percent—more than any other industry. CRNY’s Guaranteed Income for Artists program is built on the premise that all artists are deserving of financial security—and was designed to help artists meet their basic needs. 

Artists were selected through a weighted randomized process that ensured equitable geographic distribution throughout New York State and prioritized those who face systemic barriers to financial security. To learn more about Guaranteed Income for Artists distribution, and to read the full press release, please visit