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Portrait of New York State Artists: A Call to Participate

May 19, 2022

In addition to learning from and understanding the impact of our direct funding programs, Creatives Rebuild New York plans to champion artists’ roles as vital to the health of New York State’s economy and communities. A key component of this work is the ability to approach policy makers, elected officials, arts advocates, community leaders, and funders with compelling stories and comprehensive data. 

Good data can shape narratives and strengthen advocacy efforts. Unfortunately, a nuanced understanding of individual artists’ lives does not exist at the state level. This is where our Portrait of New York State Artists survey comes in. 

The survey asks questions about the nature of individual artists’ creative practice; how, where, and with whom you create your work; what financial, structural, and social barriers hinder your artistries; and how the pandemic and other hardships have impacted your overall well-being. To continue to advocate alongside artists across the state, we need you to be a part of this conversation. 

Guaranteed Income for Artists and Artist Employment Program applicants were given the option to answer these additional questions as part of the application process. Thank you to those who elected to participate!* We now invite all New York State artists, culture bearers, and culture makers—regardless of whether you applied to or were eligible for CRNY programs—to fill out this survey so that we’re able to create a more complete portrait of the needs, circumstances, and experiences of artists across New York State. All responses are strictly confidential and completely anonymized prior to review.

Share your experience as an artist via CRNY’s Portrait of New York State Artists survey:  The deadline to complete the survey is May 31, 2022.


*Please refrain from filling out the survey more than once. If you already completed the survey via Submittable, your response has been recorded. Thank you for your participation!